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Seeking Fulfillment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Looking for Fulfillment - Essay Example This well is still set up right up 'til today. Here, close to the forefather’s all around met two individuals Christ and the Samaritan lady. These two figures encapsulated two distinct universes - Jewish and Samaritan who commonly despised one another, in spite of the fact that they had normal roots. Agnostics caught this region around the seventh century BCE and intermarried with the indigenous occupants †Jews; along these lines framing a country of Samaritans. From Scripture, they perceived just the Torah of Moses - the Torah. Alongside God, Yahweh, they additionally perceive the agnostic symbols. The Jews considered them to be half agnostics and squabbled with them about perpetually. Because of the hostility held between these two society the Jews even denied them to partake in the development of the Temple of Jerusalem. As needs be, Samaritans assembled a different sanctuary on Mount Gerizim which served to just further and force the quarrel that had just gone on for around 600 years. In 107 BCE Maccabeus rebels decimated the sanctuary; something the Samaritans Jews couldn't excuse. They spat toward one another from a remote place and considered contacting each other with their own eyes as more awful than contacting some other debasement. â€Å"The Jews and the Samaritans were unpleasant adversaries, and beyond what many would consider possible stayed away from all managing one another. To exchange with the Samaritans if there should be an occurrence of need was surely checked legal by the rabbis; however all social intercourse with them was denounced. A Jew would not obtain from a Samaritan, nor get a thoughtfulness, not so much as a piece of bread or some water. The followers, in purchasing food, were acting in amicability with the custom of their country. Be that as it may, past this they didn't go. To solicit some help from the Samaritans, or in any capacity try to profit them, didn't go into the idea of even Christ's... As indicated by the report discoveries the gathering of Christ and the Samaritan lady at Jacob’s very much happened at Samaritan domain close to the town of Sychar. There was just one well, 32 meters down, burrowed by Jacob, the dad of the country of Israel around fifteen hundred years before the introduction of Christ. This well is still set up right up 'til today. Here, close to the forefather’s all around met two individuals Christ and the Samaritan lady. These two figures encapsulated two distinct universes - Jewish and Samaritan who commonly detested one another, despite the fact that they had regular roots. Agnostics caught this region around the seventh century BCE and intermarried with the indigenous occupants †Jews; hence framing a country of Samaritans. From Scripture, they perceived just the Torah of Moses - the Torah. Alongside God, Yahweh, they likewise perceive the agnostic icons. The Jews considered them to be half agnostics and squabbled with them a lmost unendingly. This article focuses on that Samaritans assembled a different sanctuary on Mount Gerizim which served to just further and force the fight that had just gone on for around 600 years. In 107 BCE Maccabeus rebels wrecked the sanctuary; something the Samaritans Jews couldn't pardon. They spat toward one another from a remote place and considered contacting each other with their own eyes as more regrettable than contacting some other debasement. Along these lines, by a cautious assessment of the recorded foundation to the circumstance, it turns out to be clear why certain figures in the story carry on in the way that they do.

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Produce a written technical report on one of these topics (please see Essay

Produce a composed specialized report on one of these subjects (it would be ideal if you see depiction) - Essay Example Turbine gas motors have nearly supplanted the cylinder motors in the avionics business for airplane power age. Classified as turbojet, turbofan, turboprop, or turboshaft motor, the gas turbine motors are the most noteworthy forward leap throughout the entire existence of flight. Consistent (1980) features that particular to their motivation, various kinds of motors are utilized in the business. Plan attributes including number of spools, guideline of pressure, appropriation of wind current inside the motor, use of the fumes gas are the principle central components for this reason. Essentially, four sorts of turbine motors are utilized in flight industry, these incorporate In Turbojet and turbofan motors, response of fumes gases leaving the fumes spout is utilized ro produce push. Turbofan motors are additionally delegated as high-sidestep or low-sidestep proportion motors dependent on prerequisites of mass stream. A run of the mill schematic chart of turbofan and turbojet motors is appeared beneath for reference study. In third sort of gas motors, turboprop, propeller is driven a turbine turned by hot gases. Significant part of the fumes gases is consumed by turbine to deliver mechanical work with an exceptionally little bit to create push. The following is a schematic chart of the turboprop motor. Air admission is the most significant piece of a subsonic and a supersonic airplane as it guarantee ideal gracefully of air to motor for creating required push. The plan of admissions relies upon motor prerequisites and airplane configuration speeds. since the essential undertaking of air admissions is to gracefully air for motor, at that point a definitive obligation regarding air consumption configuration is ascribed to airplane airframe creator as opposed to motor originator. Thusly, it is significant that the two planners work as a team with one another to arrive at ideal structure (Mattingly 2005). The admission structure to such an extent that it guarantees that necessary measure of air

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Script Writing Software is Best For Your Paper

Script Writing Software is Best For Your PaperIf you are writing a writing paper on the Internet, the best thing that you can do is to utilize a script writing software program. There are many such programs available in the market which you can easily find online. The question is - which is the best?You would be surprised to know that there is a large number of such programs available online. And most of them are very good - some of them even have advanced features like flash, that you may not find in any other type of program.The question that you should ask yourself is this: what will I use this program for and how can I get the most out of it? The answer to this question would help you figure out which software is best suited for your needs.Therefore, before using a program, you need to know what kind of assignment you need to complete for a good piece of writing. If you have no idea about the kind of assignment you need to do, it would be better if you hire a writer who knows the sort of writing that you need to do.Once you have selected a writer, you can now move on to the second phase of writing your writing assignment. This phase includes coming up with the main idea for your writing paper and then going back to the writing part. This way, you will get a perfect understanding of how a writer goes about the entire process.In this phase, you can hire someone to help you out as the first stage of writing a writing assignment. In fact, this is one of the many advantages of using a writing software, as the writer will also help you out in several ways - besides writing and editing the entire piece.Another advantage of using a script writing software is that it allows you to trim your writing down to the bone and then refiningit accordingly. So instead of spending countless hours trying to write a manuscript or a paper from scratch, you can just hire someone to do it for you. And this would only take a short while of your time.Thus, the success of your project does not hinge entirely on the quality of your story - you can still get good results using a script writing software. The bottom line is that if you want your writing paper to go well, you have to hire a professional writer.

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6 Reasons Youre Having Problems Concentrating

There are many reasons why your mind might wander. Some of the most common factors are non-medical and can be treated by making small changes in your routine. 1. Fatigue Fatigue from sleep deprivation is the most common cause of an inability to concentrate on one topic for a long time. Many studies have shown that people are not getting enough sleep, and sleep deprivation have serious physical, emotional, and cognitive effects. The first step in attempting to solve your concentration problem is finding a way to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. This isnt easy to do. We have busy lives and develop habits that make it difficult to get to sleep early enough. However, if you have a severe concentration problem, you may need to make some sacrifices to find a solution. Try getting plenty of sleep and see if you get results. 2. Anxiety Anxiety can cause the inability to concentrate too. Are you worried about something? If so, you might need to isolate your source of anxiety and confront it head-on. We deal with many pressures from our peers, and this social force can become quite damaging in extremes. Are you dealing with pressure? If so, it may be time to change your life to eliminate some of the stressors. Is your schedule too heavy? Are you involved in a toxic friendship? Is something else bothering you? If you are dealing with some pressure that might lead you down a dangerous path, it might be time to get a second opinion from someone. You can talk to a parent, a doctor, a guidance counselor, a co-worker, or a teacher. Depending on the situation, your emergency contact might be different. Find people you trust and let them know that youre dealing with anxiety and would like some support. 3. Excitement Excitement is related to anxiety, but a little more fun! There are lots of things that come along from time to time that grab our attention and make us daydream. This can be a big problem when weve got to pay attention to something! Make the conscious decision to set aside your daydreams until after class. 4. Love A big distraction is a physical attraction or being in  love. Are you having a difficult time concentrating because you cant get someone out of your head? If so, you need to find a way to discipline yourself. It is sometimes helpful to establish healthy routines in your habits by setting up parameters both inside and outside your head. Outwardly, you can establish a physical space and a concentration time. Inwardly, you can set rules about thoughts that are and are not permissible during concentration time. 5. Diet and Caffeine Your diet and, for those who drink coffee, consumption of caffeine, are other potential problems when it comes to concentration. Your body is just like a machine in some ways. Just like an automobile, a body needs clean fuel to keep it running well. Different people are affected in different ways from foods and chemicals-and sometimes those effects can be unexpected. For example, it may surprise you to know that some studies have linked low-fat diet with symptoms of depression! And depression can affect your concentration. Caffeine is another potential trouble-maker when it comes to diet and moods. Caffeine consumption can cause insomnia, headaches, dizziness, and nervousness. These symptoms are sure to affect your concentration. 6. Boredom Boredom is another big culprit when it comes to staying focused on your studies. Boredom stems from doing something that lacks meaning and motivation. What can you do? Every time you prepare to enter a study environment, take a moment for a reality check. What do you need to accomplish? Why? Concentrate on a goal for the next hour and think of a way to reward yourself for reaching that goal.

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Narrative Essay - 1112 Words

It is Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 1:00 am. I am watching a movie in the basement with Matt. My sister is fast asleep in her bed. My mom is looking over her mother, sleeping by her side. My dad is watching another show on The History Channel. The phone rings. My heart stops. Who could be calling at this time of night? What is wrong? Are Grandpap and Meemaw okay? Should I get the phone? Do I want to know? Moments later my father answers the phone. I wonder who called. I need to find out. I hesitantly go up the creaking staircase trying to reassure myself that my worst nightmare is not coming true. I must be overreacting. Obviously everyone is fine. There is nothing to worry about. As I reach the top of the steps, I take†¦show more content†¦Though there is no passing which would be considered â€Å"good†, this is what my Grandpap would have wanted and I am very thankful that he got his ultimate wish. The days following the death included bonding together as a unit and supporting one another. I love my Grandma, and trying my best to help her cope with the hardship she was experiencing in losing the love of her life was by far the most challenging thing I have ever done. I look at my Grandma as a very strong woman for getting up every morning and pushing herself through the day without the man who she spent 60 years of her life with. While sitting next to her at the funeral and the viewing, she was both mentally and physically exhausted from her loss. I knew that this was not going to be something easy for her to overcome. Today, my Grandma is without a doubt the woman who I admire the most. She will never forget about Grandpap and is able to incorporate him as a part of her everyday life. There is not a day that goes by that Grandma doesn’t mention Harland’s name. She always speaks of his accomplishments, a word of advice from his mouth, or even just a fond memory. Most importantly, I admire that though the black cloud was able to fulfill its destiny, my Grandma overcame this obstacle in the manner that Harland would have expected her to. She simply put on a rain coat and got out her umbrella as any sensible woman would do. As I held my Grandma’s hand through aShow MoreRelatednarrative essay1321 Words   |  6 PagesNarrative Essay A Brief Guide to Writing Narrative Essays Narrative writing tells a story. In essays the narrative writing could also be considered reflection or an exploration of the author s values told as a story. The author may remember his or her past, or a memorable person or event from that past, or even observe the present. When you re writing a narrative essay, loosen up. After all, you re basically just telling a story to someone, something you probably do every day in casual conversationRead MoreNarrative Essay1216 Words   |  5 PagesNARRATIVE ESSAY PROMPTS [Being Unprepared] Because you have been sick, out of town, busy at work, or working on other homework, you didn t have as much time to study for an important test as you needed. Everyone going to school has been in this situation. Think of a specific test that you took that you felt unprepared for and narrate the events. Tell your readers about the preparation that you were able to do, the reasons that you didn t get to prepare as well as you wanted, taking the testRead MoreNarrative Essay1497 Words   |  6 PagesThe Narrative Essay *What is a Narrative Essay? †¢ Narrative writing tells a story. In essays, the narrative writing could also be considered reflection or an exploration of the authors values told as a story. The author may remember his or her past, or a memorable person or event from that past, or even observe the present. †¢ The author may write about: -An experience or event from his or her past. -A recent or ongoing experience or event. Read More I Hate Narrative Essays1154 Words   |  5 Pagestrip of a teacher to the chalkboard and one phrase, narrative essay. God, I hate narrative essays. My day was going well. I devoured a big breakfast, my brother, for once, got out of the shower quick, and no major assignment was pending. Life was very, very good. Then life began to fall into oblivion. I saw on the board in the front of Mrs. Smiths room the journal entry for the day. It was about what would I write about in a narrative essay. Hope faded away. Somewhere on the planet a nuclearRead MoreEssay on Narrative Therapy1589 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract This paper will look at the logic of narrative therapy by focusing on 5 major points. This paper will begin by discussing how the narrative approach defines and perceives problems. It will address how narrative therapy views the nature of the relationship between the client and the professional. This paper will look at how problems are solved using the narrative approach. It will also focus on three main techniques used in narrative therapy, which will include externalization, deconstructionRead More Personal Narrative: A Personal Essay1314 Words   |  6 PagesWelsh accent. I looked down at my single sentence with relief. That was the beginning of my understanding that everyone’s perception of something, may it be an inanimate object or experience is unique. The end of class he assigned us to write an essay about a personal experience, to be due the following week. He also asked us to bring copies to distribute to all the class. The days prior to the due date, I recalled many experiences, but when I attempted to write them down on paper, I was notRead MoreEssay on Narrative Assignment654 Words   |  3 PagesUnit 2 narrative Assignment Kaplan University Pamela Baker HU 300 – 25 Folk tale, fairy tales, and fables have been used for generations and have been passed down from generation to generation to teach children about morals, what’s right and wrong, cultures and believes. The emotional connection to feelings that children develop from them will help them develop a sense of belonging. Folk tales, fairy tales and fables have changed over time depending on how and where they are told but theRead MoreThe Searchers Narrative Structure Essay1173 Words   |  5 PagesFrom Boy to Man: The Searchers Through the Eyes of Martin Pawley The narrative structure of John Ford’s The Searchers is centered primarily around the actions and knowledge of men. Throughout the movie, men are the figures of action, they are out scouring the land for lost loved ones while the women stay home and wait with hope. In The Searchers, just as with any search, the limiting factor involved is knowledge. Ethan, the main character, begins the movie as the leader of the searchers. His assumedRead MoreEssay on Narrative Report on Vertigo1512 Words   |  7 PagesAssignment 1: Narrative report on Vertigo Establishing the difference between the story and the plot allows one to determine the effect each element has on the understanding and interpretation of the piece. It also provides a way of tracking the continuation of events and the relationship between seemingly isolated moments in time. Film Art clearly defines both story and plot but acknowledges that there is a significant overlap between the two functions and allows a flow within the film. The plotRead More Narrative and Narrator: An Analysis of Joseph Andrews Essay3068 Words   |  13 PagesNarrative and Narrator: An Analysis of Joseph Andrews      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   As the novel was coalescing into a distinct form of literary expression, Henry Fielding introduced a dynamic relationship between the reader and the text by developing the role of the narrator and the narrators responsibility in shaping the overall structure of the work. His narrative creation would become a tradition explored by modern writers. By establishing the narrator as an intermediary, the narrator was free to create

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Dickinson and Her Religion Essay - 1074 Words

Dickinson and her Religion Emily Dickinson was one of the greatest woman poets. She left us with numerous works that show us her secluded world. Like other major artists of nineteenth-century American introspection such as Emerson, Thoreau, and Melville, Dickinson makes poetic use of her vacillations between doubt and faith. The style of her first efforts was fairly conventional, but after years of practice she began to give room for experiments. Often written in the meter of hymns, her poems dealt not only with issues of death, faith and immortality, but with nature, domesticity, and the power and limits of language. Dickinsons Christian education affected her profoundly, and her desire for a human intuitive faith motivates and†¦show more content†¦At the start of her career she assembles her poems in fascicles and sets, thus giving them a separate existence as poems, while later she experiments increasingly with a style of letter writing in which the border between verse and prose tends to disappear , and she writes poetically wherever she wants to (Martin). More and more she seems to conceive of poetic writing as an all-engaging process with only temporary closure. In addition, Dickinsons poetry changes with the variation of her personal experience. In spite of her withdrawal from society and the persistence of her themes and preoccupations, her work not only circles back on itself but also reflects her intense response to personal changes that encroach on her world. Her very early poems (1858-60) are generally smoother in form, sprightlier and less troubled in spirit than the prodigious group of poems assigned to her most productive years (1861-65) (Anderson). These are years of apparent crisis and of profound poetic inventiveness, when Dickinson composes many poems with dramatized speakers who anxiously explore religious questions as these affect their own happiness. In the last years she turns her writing concerning God, nature as Gods creation, relation between flesh and s pirit, and the afterlife, often expressed in condensed and elliptical verse. Early work that displays her preoccupationShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Poem The Living Dead 1479 Words   |  6 PagesEmily Dickinson’s 1861 version of â€Å"Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers—† indicates the speaker’s mood about death and religion. One critic’s view, specifically Brent E. Kinser, coincides with the common perception, and adds that she signifies the inevitability of death in the universe (Kinser 144). In his periodical, â€Å"Dickinson’s SAFE IN THEIR ALABASTER CHAMBERS† Kinser claims that Dickinson creates imagery of upward movement from the grave to the living realm to mirror a perpetual â€Å"movement of life andRead MoreEmily Dickinson s Writing Style1191 Words   |  5 PagesEmily Dickinson was one of the many famous American poets whose work was published in the 19th century. Her writing style was seen as unconventional due to her use of â€Å"dashes and syntactical fragments†(81), which was later edited out by her original publishers. These fragmented statements and dashes were added to give emphasis to certain lines and subjects to get her point across. Even though Emily Dickinson was thought to be a recluse, she wrote descriptive, moving poems on death, religion, and loveRead MoreLife Influences On Emily Dickenson s Work1315 Words   |  6 Pagesstructure. Emily Dickinson, a very established poet of the nineteenth-century, used this style of writing to express feelings toward religion, love, and death. All of her inspiration came from these things that would impact her life dearly. Dickinson was born in 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts where she would spend her childhood and adolescent years living. She graduated from Amherst Academy in 1847 and then attended nearby Mount Holyoke Female Seminary for one year. Growing up Dickinson set herselfRead MoreAn Analysis of The Soul selects her own Society884 Words   |  4 PagesEmily Dickinson’s â€Å"The Soul Selects her Own Society† presents herself as absolute and her rights as unchallengeable. The poem puts forward the idea of â€Å"friendship or love† which means choosing a significant person and excluding other people. Dickinson reveals that she was shutting people from her life, but because it had been so long, they are no longer interested in taking part of her life. Dickinson’s actions imply that the ability to create and construct a world for oneself, such as choosing yourRead MoreEmily Dickinson s Poems On Death, Religion, And Love1119 Words   |  5 Pages Emily Dickinson was a famous American poet whose work was published in the late 19th century. Her writing style was seen by many as unconventional due to her use of â€Å"dashes and syntactical fragments†(81), which was edited out by her original publishers. These fragmented statements and dashes were added to emphasize certain lines and subjects to accentuate the theme of her poems. Emily Dickinson wrote descriptive, moving poems on death, religion, and love. Her poems continue to create gripping discussionsRead MoreEmily Dickinson And Walt Whitman1218 Words   |  5 Pagespoetry, Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman have styles that are like none other. Although they have many individual, unique characteristics, they also are comparable in numerous ways. The lengths and tone in each of their poems may seem very different; however their similarities lie mostly in the themes and subjects that the two focus on. Their upbringing and life experiences are two aspects that made have t hese two, the influential poets that they are known for today. Emily Dickinson was born in MassachusettsRead MoreEmily Dickinson: An American Poet1793 Words   |  7 PagesEmily Dickinson is one of the most influential American authors, whose works transformed the way people view poetry and female authors. Her exceedingly complex life has proved a tremendous influence on her instrumental poetry, creating its originality and distinguishing her from other great poets of the nineteenth century. As well, her use of symbolism and imagery has continued to make her work celebrated. Although Emily Dickinson lived a private and reclusive life, full of death among many closeRead MoreSolitude Of A Poet By Emily Dickinson1545 Words   |  7 Pagesmajority of her life, demonstrated her extensive literary and language skills through her unusual poetry, becoming one of the most recognized and widely studied poet today. Born in December 10, 1886 in Amherst, Massachusetts, Emily Dickinson was one of three children to Edward Dickinson and his wife, Emily Dicki nson. According to Pettinger, Dickinson’s roots trace back to her Puritan ancestors from England in the 17th century, who later immigrated to America to freely exercise their religion (PettingerRead MoreTranscendentalist Writers : The Transcendentalist Movement Essay1092 Words   |  5 Pagesbetween 1820 and 1830, it was a retaliation against the modern concepts of religion and society that was prominent in the eastern region of the United States at the time. Writers Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau are the most well-known among transcendentalist writers, possibly because they served as an inspiration to many other writers. Together these transcendentalist writers, including Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, and many others, joined the movement and began to spread the transcendentalistRead MoreDickinson’S Infatuation With Death.Emily Dickinson Is Well-Known1363 Words   |  6 Pages Dickinson’s Infatuation with Death Emily Dickinson is well-known due to the fact that she uses an immense amount of death in her poetry; she is also known as being reclusive and death-obsessed. Although other poets don’t typically use large amounts of death in his or her own poetry, Dickinson decided to take her own path in order to get her point across; meanwhile, some found her obsession with death rather disturbing. On the other hand, death could be interpreted through various

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Define and Evaluate Law of Evidence

Questions: 1.Describe and evaluate the reasons why a warning may be given to a jury?2.Describe and discuss the effect of the Evidence Act 2008 on corroboration warnings?3.Identify and assess the circumstances under which a judge may still give corroboration warning?4.Determine the fundamentals in the preparation of the case?5.Identify the important elements of collection, forms and content, in the gathering of proof of evidence and assess for application?6.Identify the process in compelling the production of evidence and evaluate for application?7.Determine the processes for tendering types of evidence, such as; documents; photographs; maps; and plans; real evidence, and views?8.Describe and discuss the purpose and content of opening and closing addresses?9.Research and document the history of the development of Uniform Evidence Legislation?10.Research and discuss the objectives and justifications for the introduction of the Evidence Act 2008 (Vic)?11.Identify and describe the structure and pro visions of the Evidence Act 2008 (Vic) and its relationship with the Evidence Act 1995 (Cth) and assess for the application to practice? Answers: 1. A warning to the jury panel is given in the cases where an allegation is made regarding a sexual assault. This is because such cases are traumatic in nature for a number of individual and for varied reasons[1]. The warning is given in such cases so that a jury can be made aware about the effects which may result on an accused, as a result of delay between the crime that has been alleged and the trial[2]. 2. The persisting requirement as per which the evidence had to be corroborated, with the sole exception of the perjury cases, the requirement has been abolished as a result of Section 164[3] of the Evidence Act 2008[4]. So, a jury is not required to warn that to act on uncorroborated evidence is dangerous or even give a warning about the same. Section 164(4) provides that a judge should not direct the jury about the corroborations absence[5]. 3. Section 164(2) states that the provisions contained in this section are not applicable on perjury offences or such related offences[6]. Further as per section 164(5), the judge is required to direct the jury that the individual accused could only be found guilty, when they have been satisfied regarding the evidence, which can prove the guilt and such an evidence is corroborated[7]. Even when there is a prohibition over corroborative directions, in cases where the jury has been warned regarding the possible unreliability of the witness, and in addition to this, there is presence of evidence which can support or confirm the evidence of the witness, then it is considered as fitting for the jury to look for supportive evidence, as was seen in the case of R v Connors[8] and R v Milton[9]. 4. The preparation of the case helps in winning half the battle. So, the fundamentals of preparation for a case are to be followed properly before the case is actually presented before a court of law. The first and foremost aspect in this is to analyze the strength, as well as, the weakness of the case. The next step is to prepare the documents and the evidence for the trial. The witnesses are a key to any case, and they have to be properly identified and prepared beforehand. Lastly, the key points of the case have to be practiced over and over again[10]. 5. There are certain crucial elements while gathering the proof of any kind of evidence and these relate to its collection, form and contents. Evidence consists of a range of items, and primarily has three forms, which are real evidence, testimony and documents[11]. The real evidence is collected to prove charges made in a crime, and its contents include the collection of things like tissues, semen, saliva, fingerprints and blood[12]. The evidence law operates over the rules regarding the proof of facts in criminal, as well as, civil trials[13]. 6. As per Section 45 of the Evidence Act 2008, an individual can be compelled to produce a document or such other evidence which is available to the party, before the court or to some other party, through an order of the court[14]. The evidence can be compelled to be produced only in cases where a party has cross examined a witness or is doing so presently, regarding a preceding representation or an inconsistent statement, which has been allegedly made by another person or the witness, respectively, and which has been properly recorded in a document[15]. The evidence that has been produced would then be examined by the court and the direction regarding its use is also given by the court. The court, at its discretion can also admit such produced evidence, even when the same has not been tendered by the party[16]. 7. The common law rule, subject to some exceptions, provides that the original documents have to be tendered in evidence so that their contents can be proved. This rule is also known as the original document rule, however, the Uniform Evidence Act in Victoria, through its section 51 abolishes this rule[17]. This act provides that the evidence can be entered by tendering the document under section 48 of this act[18]. The methods or process of tendering the documents has been covered under this section. For instance, tendering a transcript of a recording, or a copy of a document, is taken as tendering of evidence. Section 53 contains the provisions regarding tendering of views, in manner of demonstration or inspection[19]. 8. The opening and closing addresses acts as the opportunity of addressing the jury directly in any case, which allows the chance to give the jury an understanding regarding the role of the party in the case, and the role of the evidence that has been presented before the court of law[20]. The opening statement introduces the dispute to the jury members and acts as a general road map on how the entire trial would be unfolded. A closing statement on the other hand contains the summary of the proceedings and reminds the jury of the key evidence that has been presented so that the jury can be persuaded to give a favorable decision[21]. 9. The origin of the Uniform Evidence Law can be traced back to the inquiry which began in the year 1979 of the ALRC, i.e., the Australian Law Reform Commission, which was charged with the review of the applicable laws of evidence to the proceedings of the courts. NSWLRC or the New South Wales Law Reform Commission had its own inquiry in this matter. Their work was suspended in the year 1979 as the ALRCs review outcome was pending. The final report of NSWLRC was produced in 1988 which required that in New South Wales, the recommendations of ALRC should be implemented. The Governments of New South Wales and the Commonwealth, in 1991, developed the bills to give effect to the recommendations of the ALRC. However, none of these bills were passed. The Parliaments of New South Wales and the Commonwealth, in 1995, enacted new Evidence Acts. Both the ALRC and NSWLRC reviewed the operations of both the New South Wales and the Commonwealth Act. After a review of the Evidence Act by both these, a report was published in February 2006. The Victorian Law Reform Commission also published a report after which, this law was formulated[22]. 10. The objective behind the introduction of the Evidence Act 2008 (Vic) was to introduce an act which presented a uniform evidence law in Victoria. The justification for bringing out this act was to present new provisions for law of evidence, which were uniform with the law in this regard, with that of the New South Wales and the Commonwealth[23]. 11.The Evidence Act 2008 (Vic) has been divided into parts, within which contains the relevant provisions to a particular part. For instance, the application of the act is the Part 1.2, which contains all the provisions relating to this matter[24]. An example of this can be seen in Section 7 of this act, which binds the crown[25]. So, the relevant provisions on a particular topic have been clubbed together in parts. The Evidence Act 2008 (Vic) is related to Evidence Act 1995 (Cth)[26], as it is a modified and better version of the 1995 act. The provisions of the later act have a wider reach in comparison to the previous legislation. However in large parts, the 2008 act is uniform with the 1995 act[27]. 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